Admission Procedure

Application for admission to the college will have to be made on a printed application form by all students including those who were in this college during the previous year. Request for printed application form and prospectus should be sent to the College Office accompanied by Indian Postal Order Rs. 15/- for admission form and Rs. 15/- for prospectus. The class to which the admission is desired should be mentioned in the letter without fail.

It should be noted that payment of the fees by itself does not constitute securing the admission to College pending grant of admission, these fees are treated as deposit and are refunded with deduction as per the rules in that Case behalf if admission is rejected. The Students who wish to avail themselves of the Government concession fees under Economically Backward Class Scheme (i. e. annual income below Rs. 15,000) should submit within one week from the date of admission, the prescribed application forms are available in the College Office. A student applying for F.Y.B.A. / F.Y.B.Com. class after passing H.S.C. examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Educations will have to apply through the college to Registrar, University of Pune for Eligibility Certificate. He/She has to enclose.

Required Documents
  Original Marksheet
  A xerox copy of marksheet along with the application Student who pass in I.C.S.C. 7 C.B.S.C. or equivalent examination or coming from other states, will have to submit the following documents alongwith the Eligibility Application form (Originals as well as xerox copies).
  Migration Certificate.
  Transference Certificate
  Statement of Marks
  Attendance / Character Certificate
  Passing Certificate
   I Card size Photograph (2)

A student coming from any college affiliated to University of Pune applying for S. Y. B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. class, can be directly admitted to this college. He/she will have to apply to the previous College for Transference Certificate after joining the college provided seats are available.

A student coming from University Other than University of Pune for S. Y. / T.Y.B.A/ M. A Or S.Y. / T.Y.B.Com. / S.Y. / T.Y.B.Sc. / M.Com. / M.A. will have to submit the Certificates mentioned above alongwith the Eligibility Application form to College Office.

The Foreign students applying for admission to any class of Degree college should Contact" Foreign Students" Advisor for the necessary information. Admission will be granted to them only after fulfilling rules and regulations of the University and after getting final approval from foreign Students Advisor. It will be the responsibility of the students to see that the final Transference Certificate and the Eligibility Certificate are received by the college before the end of the first term. Students from other Colleges will be admitted to this college only if they have a very good academic record, No repeaters are admitted in this College.

A student seeking admission in any class of this college is advised to bring

Required Documents
  his two copies of I Card size latest photograph at the time of payment of fees. (Admission forms are available in the office.)
  Students seeking admission should enter all the required information in the prescribed admission form and no column in the form should be left blank.
  Photocopies of the following documents in the neat and legible form with endorsement as true copy by the competent authority shall be attached to the admission form.(Certificate not so attested should not be accepted. All the original documents except leaving certificate / transfer certificate / migration certificate / gap certificate, etc. will be returned to the concerned student after the same are verified by the college for scrutiny.)
  1. Statement of Marks (Last qualifying examination.)
  2. Passing/Degree certificate (If statement of marks does not indicate clearly-class /percentage of marks obtained by the student in the relevant examination)
  3. Migration certificate (Original) (if applicable) (Original will not be returned)
  4. Transference certificate (if applicable) (Original will not be returned)
  5. Written Statement regarding gap in education and/or change of name (in the original).